Dynamics 365- Convert Microsoft Dataverse (CDS) Column Values Including The ‘File’ Data Type to PDF in Power Automate

Microsoft Dataverse(Common Data Service) has been gaining lot of popularity because it helps power developers capture, analyze, predict, present, and report data with a high level of agility. A few month back Microsoft started supporting complex data-types like files which make CDS even more extensible for development. During my recent dicussion with one of my customer, he asked me if we could convert a Microsoft Data Traverse (CDS) column including "File" data type to PDF. In this blog, we will use the Power Automate Muhimbi PDF Converter action, to Convert the Microsoft Data Traverse (CDS) values to PDF and then Merge the "File" to the converted .

Using SharePoint’s Event Receivers and Muhimbi to Convert a Document to PDF

In SharePoint we can use workflows no code solutions such as (Nintex, SharePoint Designer workflow) and trigger on events like adding, updating elements from a list\library, but if you want to have more control or if you want create more flexible solutions then no code platforms might fall a bit short and this is where the SharePoint Event Reciever comes handy.