Creating Power Automate / OpenAPI Extensions for Azure Functions (Fusion Development)

So, what is this "Fusion Development" you ask? Fusion development allows your business to build better applications, faster, by bringing together professional developers with amateur or hobbyist developers. If you're not familiar with fusion development, have a look at the Microsoft Learning Path  - Transform your business applications with fusion development. In this post, we … Continue reading Creating Power Automate / OpenAPI Extensions for Azure Functions (Fusion Development)

Creating Azure Functions OpenAPI Extension from SOAP Web Services

As a developer, you want to concentrate on the application\code and not worry about Infrastructure and other underlying complexities. Azure Functions indeed is the perfect fit as it is "serverless" and you can add "service references". In this post we will consume the Muhimbi SOAP service in an Azure function that can further be invoked as a REST API in Microsoft Flow, PowerApps, and even from your own Rest Client.

Building a Endpoint assembly for K2 Blackpearl

K2 supports custom Service Types that allow K2 Developers to connect any data source with K2 SmartObjects. One Service Type that I often use is the K2 Endpoint Assembly as it enables us to call Public Static methods from .NET assemblies by exposing these methods as SmartObjects. In this demo, we will utilize the K2 Endpoints Assembly Service Broker and expose The Muhimbi REST API as .NET Assemblies and a SmartObject and then use it in our workflow.