Automatic Moderation of images in a SharePoint folder to exclude racy images from PDF Merge

When talking to one of our customers, about the 'Image Content Moderator API' he told me that his company has recently asked him to Moderate few images(100 around) and Merge the Non-Racy images into a single PDF. With Muhimbi you can easy select the file from the User-Interface and Convert them into a single PDF but that now moderating 100 images can be very time consuming and boring. So he asked me if could automate the process using Power Automate. This is the use can for this blog.

Text Analytics with Azure Cognitive Service for Power Automate– Part 3

In this blog, we will collect the customer responses in Microsoft Form, use Microsoft Azure Text Analytics in Power Automate (Microsoft Flow) action and store the result in SharePoint List. In SharePoint List we will use the Column Customizer and to quickly display if the customer is ‘Happy‘ or ‘UnHappy‘ based on the value returned by Text Analysis Sentiment API.