Using SharePoint’s Event Receivers and Muhimbi to Convert a Document to PDF

In SharePoint we can use workflows no code solutions such as (Nintex, SharePoint Designer workflow) and trigger on events like adding, updating elements from a list\library, but if you want to have more control or if you want create more flexible solutions then no code platforms might fall a bit short and this is where the SharePoint Event Reciever comes handy.

Using The Power Automate Desktop to Convert a File to PDF, Invoke Muhimbi’s Web Service, and More!

POWER AUTOMATE DESKTOP is a new tool offering by Microsoft in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) landscape. Robotic Process Automation tools empowers Business Analysts / Power Users and those who have very limited coding knowledge, to automate business processes within their organizations. In this blog post, we will work with ‘files\folder’, understand how we can ‘Invoke web Service‘ and run simple ‘PowerShell Code’ snippets to and Convert all files within a folder to PDF.

Decouple the Flow from The Power App to prevent end-user Authentication Using a Child Flow

In my previous blog, we worked around for Power Apps prompts for credential during deployment problem by decoupling the Conversion logic of flow from the Power App by writing to SharePoint from the App. We then used the full version of Power Automate to attach the Flow, which does all the work, to the SharePoint list or library. In a this post I will explain how to apply the same principle without using SharePoint as an intermediate using the Child Flow.

Star Ratings on Email or PDF with Power Automate

In the Power Automate community, I recently came across a question in which the user wanted to recreate the Star rating in an email. A few days back, I had a similar request from one of my customer to recreate the Star rating from Microsoft Forms to PDF, they wanted to visualize the Forms output with star's rather than just returning their ratings as numbers between(1-5). In this post, we’ll show you how to create a Power Automate (Flow) solution and recreate the Star rating from Microsoft Forms to PDF or just send the star ratings over the email.

Automatic Moderation of images in a SharePoint folder to exclude racy images from PDF Merge

When talking to one of our customers, about the 'Image Content Moderator API' he told me that his company has recently asked him to Moderate few images(100 around) and Merge the Non-Racy images into a single PDF. With Muhimbi you can easy select the file from the User-Interface and Convert them into a single PDF but that now moderating 100 images can be very time consuming and boring. So he asked me if could automate the process using Power Automate. This is the use can for this blog.