Select SharePoint Files and Merge Them into a Single PDF Using Power Automate

Due to the ongoing COVID situation, teachers have been using Teams and SharePoint to deliver trainings Online. In the SharePoint Site, the Teacher creates a Folders with the library with unique permissions such that Student A cannot access the Folder\Files of Student B. Student usually send their assignments as attachments to their respective teachers in email attachment. The teachers find it difficult to manage the individual attachments.

Get Rows(Parse) from CSV file using Power Automate and bulk generate documents

This is my solution to an Idea(Text (CSV) file - Get rows) requested by Power Automate community which have 500+ upvotes. In this article, I will demonstrate how to get the CSV files Content in Power Automate, Parse the CSV using a little bit of 'TypeScript magic' using the 'Excel Run Script action' (yes you read it right - we are going to invoke code without a third party action in Power Automate) and we will then use result from the 'Run script' action and bulk generate documents.

Working with SharePoint List using SharePoint Send HTTP Request action in Power Automate

The SharePoint Connector in Power Automate provides many actions with which you can create items, get items, delete items etc. But some scenarios the out of box actions do not handle your requirements (You cannot create a SharePoint List etc.), or the action you are looking for is not yet available in the SharePoint connector. In Power Automate, the SharePoint Send HTTP Request action lets you construct and execute SharePoint REST API queries and help you handle scenarios the out of box actions do not handle your requirements.

Decrypting Office 365 Sensitivity Labels documents for further processing

Sensitivity labels in Office 365 can be used to classify and protect documents in SharePoint Online and OneDrive for bussiness. As an IT\Security Admin Sensitivity labels provides a lot of capabilities on planning the security of the data in your documents. However, at time we might need to post process or archive or post process the secured document. For example, you want to archive the secured document to PDF. But before we convert the document we would need to strip off the Encrytion and this can cause a lots of processing headaches, especially if large numbers of documents