Add a Barcode to PDFs Using Microsoft Flow and Muhimbi’s PDF Converter

Barcodes and SharePoint can be a great combination. The Barcode can act as identity for a document, and can make life easy for end users especially if you are working with an Inventory Management system.In this blog we will create a product Barcode(SharePoint Choice column) and add that value as a Barcode to a document using Microsoft Flow and send it to the vendor.

Convert All images from PowerApps Gallery control to HTML\PDF using JSON Function

In this article, we use the newly released JSON for canvas apps function and export all the images in a PowerApps Gallery to an HTML file and then convert that HTML file to a PDF file using the Muhimbi PDF Converter. To reduce the complexity, we will divide the article in three parts: Design a canvas app … Continue reading Convert All images from PowerApps Gallery control to HTML\PDF using JSON Function

Convert responses from Microsoft Form to PDF

Microsoft Forms provides us with quick and easy way to create surveys, quiz's etc. The response to these Forms can be saved in SharePoint list or sent over email but how can we save the responses as a PDF in SharePoint Online document Library? In this Blog, we will use the Muhimbi "Convert HTML to PDF" Microsoft Flow action to Convert the Microsoft Form response to PDF and save it in a document Library.

MuhimbiConvertTo-PDF PowerShell Module

Muhimbi PDF Converter comes with a comprehensive, but friendly, web services interface that can be accessed from any modern web services based development environment including Java, PHP, Ruby, SAP, SharePoint, .NET (C#, VB) etc. As we all know, PowerShell is very similar to other .NET environments and although we can use PowerShell's built in web services facilities using the New-WebServiceProxy commands, It … Continue reading MuhimbiConvertTo-PDF PowerShell Module