Perfect solution to Archive Emails using Power Automate

When talking to a business user, he told me that his "Inbox is full" with all kinds of emails and he needs a solution to "Archive" them to PDF. He clearly mentioned that he needs a solution that is easy to configure and low on maintenance. At this point it was clear to me that the best solution to meet his requirement was Power Automate. The next task for me was to find a connector to "Convert email to PDF" which is flexible and reliable.

Using Multipart/Form-Data in a Power Automate or Logic Apps HTTP Action

In HTTP terms, Content-Type 'header' is used by the client application when it submits data to the server.  That being said, one of the most used Content-Types is 'Multipart/Form-Data'. In a 'Multipart' HTTP request, each field to be sent has it's own Content-Type, file name, and data separated by a boundary from the other field(s). With 'Multipart/Form-Data' the … Continue reading Using Multipart/Form-Data in a Power Automate or Logic Apps HTTP Action

Select SharePoint Files and Merge Them into a Single PDF Using Power Automate

Due to the ongoing COVID situation, teachers have been using Teams and SharePoint to deliver trainings Online. In the SharePoint Site, the Teacher creates a Folders with the library with unique permissions such that Student A cannot access the Folder\Files of Student B. Student usually send their assignments as attachments to their respective teachers in email attachment. The teachers find it difficult to manage the individual attachments.