Retrieve Notes with Attachments in Dynamics 365 using Web API

Notes with attachments are commonly used in Dynamics 365 as they provide a way to document and track important information such as customer interactions, meeting minutes, and project updates. With the help of Web API, developers can easily retrieve notes with attachments and display them in a PCF control. This not only enhances the functionality of Dynamics 365 but also enables users to view and manage notes with ease. In this blog post, I will walk you through the process of using Web API to retrieve notes with PDF attachments and display them in a PCF control. I hope this blog post will be a valuable resource for developers who want to enhance their Dynamics 365 environment using PCF and Web API.

Glowing Text Power Apps Component

In this article, we will create and deploy a "Glowing Text Power App Code component. To create the Glowing Text component, we will use basic JavaScript, HTML and CSS. CSS  Cascading Style Sheets) is used to define the styles for an HTML document, including text properties such as color, size, and font. To make text glow, the text-shadow property can be used with a set of values that define the color, size, and intensity of the glow effect.