Microsoft Azure Services Big Picture with Power Platform

In February, I got an opportunity to present a session at Global Power Platform Boot Camp – Pune. In the year 2020 the popularity of Power Platform has been ever increasing. In various conferences be it Microsoft Build, Collab365 etc. Power Platform is stealing the show. This clearly indicates that most of the companies are look to adapt the no-code with Rapid Application Development.

But what adds a feather to the Power Platform is the ability to accelerate and enhance your low-code development using Microsoft Azure Services.

The tag line provided my Microsoft in the article really caught my eye:

Powerful alone. Better together

Microsoft Power Platform is more than the sum of its parts. When connected to Azure and hundreds of other apps, Microsoft Power Platform enables you to quickly deliver value and clear your app backlog.

The image is taken from the page.

A few of the real world scenarios of leverage low-code and code-first capabilities with Azure Services:

These are just few of the many example that can define the tag line Powerful alone. Better together with Azure Services.

I personally had a lot of fun writing this blog-post as all the above are real life scenarios. Have you come across any unique scenario in which Azure Services have helped you make your App more powerful?

Please do not hesitate to add a comment if you have any questions and I am curious what you think!

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